About Cohort Architects

Cohort Architects has been established to support, propose and encourage emerging architecture and building design graduates to imagine and achieve exciting and creative architectural projects for Clients.

Utilizing the practice, lecturing and teaching experience of Greg Jones, Architect, Cohort Architects provides a professional practice environment where Clients can tap into the design ambition, enthusiasm and passion of the next generation of architects and designers.

The ethos driving Cohort Architects is engagement with exciting, individually proposed design projects that intuitively explore design ideas, apply architectural knowledge, demonstrate sustainable design principles and develop deliverable project outcomes through construction innovation, structural suitability, material selection and application.

The design scope for each project undertaken by Cohort Architects has a focus in developing the intrinsic aesthetic of the place, landscape, ambience of light, space, colour and style inherently attached to each project.

Cohort Architects implies through its name, a project methodology of collaboration and consultation.

The Client brief is a conversation shared and explored in trust between the Client and their architectural collaborators at Cohort Architects.

Consultant input is a part of this process as is the requirement for professional engagement with the statutory procedures for planning and building approval. Cohort Architects will support and actively engage in the important stage of project procurement.

Cohort Architects embraces current digital technologies to create 3D renders and virtual reality modelling for our projects. We also celebrate and encourage the design empathy evidenced through the creation of hand drawings, sketches, physical models and marquettes.

Cohort Architects is ready to engage in new projects wherever they may occur. Whilst our practice office is located in Geelong, Victoria, our team is keen to pursue projects that require architectural access where we are engaged through our community contacts, personal associations, travel and education.